Campbell Metro PRogram

The Metro program supports Middle School players as they grow in the sport and prepares them to play at the High School level.

2022 Metro Gold

Coach LeAnne Klein

Coach Hannah Dickey


Josephine Bedard

Aiden Bewly

Mya Boucher

Danni Dreska

Lily Fortner

Kadence Klein

Carrie Mason

Harper McDonald

Ashley Reece

Maya Shah

Carter Smith

Kaylen Turner

2022 Metro Silver

Coach Makayla Presley

Kendall Abney

Nadia Barbour

Sydney Beckham

Elyona Chalolla

Harper DeBusk

Evelyn Harrington

Riley McCain

Addison Smith

Sydney Tasker

Nava Turner

Chase Watson

Zoe Williams

Campbell Fastpitch 2020

Zoom Meeting

Monday June 8, 10AM

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Meeting ID: 978 715 9841
Password: 8uPqEU